LiveStream 5.4.2 released!

v5.4.2 is mainly about optimising the performance and stability of existing features. Updates to the squid proxy software are included alongside which will improve memory usage and improve the compatibility of HTTPS filtering with newer web browsers.

If you haven't already, make sure to enable the Reporting Digest in Setup -> Organisation. This feature emails you notable insights from your reports every so often. It's handy way to stay on top of what your users are doing without having to log in and run a report yourself.




  • The Reporting Digest email can now be sent on one of three schedules: Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly


  • Device Identifiers can now be edited in place to adjust the label or network ID
  • Certificate checks will now trigger the iOS captive network assistant more reliably.
  • Clearly highlight users no longer found in LDAP
  • Reporting speed optimisation
  • Database maintenance optimisation
  • Daily data aggregation optimisation
  • Special support for very-high-traffic deployments (~1000+ requests/second)


  • The weekly database maintenance task could get stuck before completing.
  • Requests are now tagged with URL categories even when they're explicitly allowed by a List Group.
  • Squid could crash when restarting for config changes under certain circumstances.
  • Squid could crash on new installations when a caching directive was generated incorrectly
  • Usernames containing 'dm' would be skipped during LDAP synchronisation.
  • Switching the 'Who' context of a report could cause an error after adjusting certain filters.
  • Device Groups now use a "soft-delete" function to avoid generating over-bearing DB queries when a lot of reporting data is associated
  • The reporting period presets could be lost when changing the sort context of a dataset like Top Categories.
  • The "Last week" reporting preset could be set incorrectly.