LiveStream 5.2.4 released


Yep, we're adding a new features to a minor release. Sorry everyone. Sorry

Proxy Authentication API

API Authentication allows the proxy to offer seamless authentication for any device that can make scripted HTTP requests, regardless of operating system or connection mode.

That's rightseamless proxy authentication for OS X networks.

Paytec integration add-on (beta)

For the schools out there that use Paytec kiosks to recoup some of those pesky ISP costs from end users. Users can now purchase LiveStream data credit and check their balances using their keycards.

(Let us know if you're a Paytec school that wants to try this—it's free while in beta)


  • Importing hundreds of List Group entries from a file now takes seconds rather than minutes and is better at detecting redundant domains.
  • Access logs are now processed into reporting data over 5x faster than before. This should be faster than the web request rate for all but the largest of organisations.
  • Data usage (quota and credit) is now processed separately from the rest of the reporting data which makes it much faster and more efficient.
  • Misc. minor performance improvements in the interface and proxy.


  • A zero division error in the Reporting overview's statistics.