LiveStream 5.2.3 released


  • You can now customise the email notificationfromname and address in organisation settings.
  • Improved readability and layout of List Group editing
  • Notifications about software updates are now sent in the day time when you're (probably) still awake.
  • List Group expression validation now detects more problems.
  • Device identifier validation now detects more problems.
  • The proxy will now treat a broader ranger of non-standard SSL ports as safe—they're pretty common these days.
  • Proxy compatibility definitions updated.


  • The aggregate download counts for Users and Devices could be calculated incorrectly. If this affects you please contact support as we can arrange to retroactively recalculate this data.
  • User profile pages could take a long time to load due to an inefficiently planned database query (thanks postgres!).
  • A username case-sensitivity problem was affecting quota, credit and user suspension rules.
  • If quotas were defined for a Policy Set but subsequently disabled, notifications about usage could still be sent to those users.
  • Allow lists could erroneously bypass speed limits.
  • YouTube for Schools could be applied to Policy Sets which only enforced Safe Searching.
  • New installs could receive errors when adding their first Policy Group, Policy Set or Device Group (other than the defaults).
  • Since a recent upgrade to the Category Name Service, theInfected Hostscategory has been over-blocking a lot of common domains. We've pulled this category from the "Severe" list as the name is somewhat misleading and does not provide any real-world benefit over theVirusescategory.
  • A crash on the dashboard and reports pages resulting from a bad statistics calculation.