LiveStream 5.4.0 released!


The Weekly Digest

Noteworthy reports and events from your users' internet activity can now be emailed to you in a short weekly summary, every Monday morning. Not only can this help you identify and adapt to trends amongst your users, it can also be sent to managers and non-technical staff to give them a plain understanding of what's happening on the company or school internet.

We posted an example over on twitter.


  • A race condition updating captive portal sessions would sometimes trigger a login prompt before the user's session had timed out.
  • Certain requests were losing critical logging data which caused their data usage not to be counted against the user's quota/credit.
  • Supervisor bypass was not handling HTTPS URLs correctly, since the peek & splice upgrade.
  • Erroneous status check failures for Netfox reports integration.
  • Some UI layout errors around icons.


  • Built-in proxy compatibility options upgraded to bypass less filtering and logging when inspecting HTTPS.
  • Enabling seamless authentication is now less strict about reverse DNS records.
  • More robust client certificate checks for HTTPS Inspection mode.
  • Minor proxy stability and performance improvements.