LiveStream 5.1.0 released!


Premium Reports add-on

Premium Reports

The Premium Reports service provides advanced reporting tools that go beyond LiveStream 5's Standard Reports. Designed for organisations that need comprehensive reporting across large data sets and potentially multiple sites. Key features include:

  • Dashboard summary to quickly view the biggest web users and most popular websites
  • Speed. Even huge reports take seconds to generate
  • Consolidated reports for companies with distributed offices and schools with multiple campuses
  • Any report can be emailed to recipients on a customisable schedule
  • Real-time reports within a couple of minutes
  • Dynamically search for users and websites
  • Elegant charts with multiple overlays for easy comparative analysis

Standard Reports level up: report on all user activity by category

Category Reports

Our friends at St. Brendan Shaw College had an excellent idea: a quick report to see who—if anyone—had been attempting to access risky web content recently. LiveStream 5 has the data, we just needed to present it in an intuitive way.

Enter Category Reports (by user), a fast way to view how many users have been accessing each category of website, what those websites are, who those users are and how much each one has accessed. This is part of our Standard Reports package—no add-ons required—and can be found on your Users index page using the Generate report button.

Heads up! The new reporting features are not retroactive; they will only show data that's collected after this update has been installed.

Application compatibility options

Application compatibility options

From now on Getbusi will be maintaining proxy compatibility definitions for popular apps and services which do not have full support for certain proxy features. A number of compatibility options can now be enabled in the Proxy Settings section including Windows and Apple app stores, Mathletics, and various software updaters etc.


  • Optimise speed and memory usage of statistics aggregation.
  • Activity reports are faster to generate.
  • Activity reports are now organised by data downloaded rather than number of requests, in most cases.
  • User summary report categories can now be sorted by risk level.


  • Directory synchronisation would not always detect a user moving to a new group.
  • Prevent HTTPS Interception feature from being enabled when an (incompatible) upstream proxy is configured.
  • Sometimes licences wouldn't full synchronise their details with Getbusi when activated.
  • Avoid a redirect loop from happening on certain pages with an expired licence.
  • Handle uppercase letters in username quick-searching properly.
  • Fix an issue where the SMTP TLS toggle would not reflect the real state of the setting.
  • Avoid Safari caching button loading states when going back in the browser.


We're currently beta testing a precog hive mind to prevent dangerous web requests before they occur.