LiveStream 5.0.7 released!

Forensic Reports

New stuff

Administration Guide

Full, web-based documentation for setting up and managing LiveStream 5 is now available from within the management interface. Just use the Documentation link in the page footer or navigate directly to /docs/.

Improved stuff

  • Software updater now displays version numbers and Dashboard alerts for new releases.
  • Improvements to the seat counting algorithm.
  • Policy Set whitelist mode represented more clearly on the Dashboard.
  • Categories is now the primary Policy Set tab.
  • General help-text improvements

Fixed stuff

  • Avoid an issue where the software updater wouldn't obey the upstream proxy configuration.
  • Fix an issue where policy user lists sometimes wouldn't be updated after new users were synchronised from LDAP.
  • Ensure that the usage statistics charts don't display negative values when there's been no activity.
  • Handling of certain non-standard character patterns in Device Group names.
  • Fix an issue sending the plain text version of an email notification.
  • Always refresh the available update list after an update has just completed.
  • Handle unusually long media type strings in reporting data.