LiveStream 5.0.5 released!

This update can be installed from Setup -> Maintenance in the management interface.

New stuff

  • Usage Charts: usage statistics now include charts to view and compare historical usage statistics and averages with the current period.
  • Import list group entries from text file: one domain, URL or IP/subnet entry per line.

Improved stuff

  • Clearer licensing information, status and messages.
  • Clarify the flow of bandwidth restrictions being applied only after quota and/or credit have run out.
  • Database backups now display file sizes and are manually deletable.
  • Max. file size redirect pages are now consistent with the others.
  • Faster aggregation of usage statistics.
  • Users section: user quick-search autocompletion, clearer pagination and username formats.

Fixed stuff

  • Database backups beyond the "number to keep" threshold are now deleted straight away, rather than overnight.
  • Avoid a situation where unusual combinations of policy set changes wouldn't be saved.
  • Handle unusual directory user display name formats which could cause errors when synchronising via LDAP.
  • Make sure all list group entries are purged from the database when their containing list group is.


  • Prevent users from forgetting their passwords.

Coming up soon

  • Email notifications
  • Premium reporting add-on
  • Temporary user suspension