LiveStream 5.0.6 released!

Forensic Reports

New stuff

1. Forensic reports

Take a look at what any user or device has been up to during a specified time period. View reports in summary mode or forensic mode. Accessible from the Users and Device Groups sections respectively. Part of the Standard (included) reporting package.

2. Email notifications

Configure admin notifications that will notify you of noteworthy system status events regarding disk usage, software updates, directory integration etc. Also includes optional user notifications to email users when they hit quota usage thresholds. You'll find the settings in Setup -> Organisation.

3. User suspension

You can now temporarily suspend web access for particular users including a private reason and a public reason which will be displayed to the user when they are redirected. Access can be manually reinstated at any time. This is controlled from the user's profile in the Users section.

Improved stuff

  • Database backups have been split into configuration data and reporting data to allow for much faster system restoration when reporting data is not required.
  • The system can now be powered off from the maintenance section of the management interface.
  • The List Group edit page will remember which tab you were on after making a change.
  • The List Group edit page will remember which Policy Set you just created it from and return you there when you're done editing.
  • More detailed help text and tips in various areas.
  • Better form validation in various areas.

Fixed stuff

  • Having no users would occasionally cause an error.
  • Form validation would not always play nicely with multi-tab pages.
  • Users' last active time would sometimes be updated erroneously.
  • Avoid a situation where an operating system update could interfere with LiveStream's updater.


  • Oculus Rift integration.

Coming up soon

  • Searchable, web-based documentation
  • Premium reporting add-on