Automated database backup to Windows machines

With the help of an open source program named wget you can automate the downloading of your database backups.

  1. Download the wget files fromhere.
  2. Unzip the wget files.
  3. Create a new Windows bat file.

    In the bat file add the following command: wget.exe --http-user=admin --http-password=<admin-password> -r --no-parent --accept=WAM* --no-check-certificate https://<ip-address-of-getbusi-server>/getbusi-backup/ -a getbusi-backup-log.txt -P <directory-to-save-backup-to>

    Where is the password used to access the getbusi server for user admin, is the IP address of your getbusi server and is the directory to save the backup to.

    Be sure to add the path to wget.exe in the bat file.

  4. You will need to have enabled HTTPS access in your Getbusi local firewall settings:
    Server configuration -> Firewall

    Check the box next to HTTPS and select Save

    Alternatively you can change HTTPS to HTTP in the wget command. However this will mean the admin password will be viewable when sent across the network.

Test the script and check the output. The output from the command will be logged to the file getbusi-backup-log.txt

Now you can schedule the bat file to be executed periodically.