Black/Blank Pages in Internet Explorer

This is a common issue caused by a rendering bug in Internet Explorer when inline content, hosted externally to the website is redirected by Getbusi. This is most-often triggered by advertising content or social plugins, such as the Facebook 'like' button, when the corresponding categories are filtered by the user's policy. Ideally, Internet Explorer should render Getbusi redirection panelsonlyover the blocked elements.


If you are able to test specific sites on which this is occurring, you can monitor the prohibited attempts under the reporting section of the Getbusi web interface to narrow down hosts that are serving this content.

If you are able to find specific domains or URLs, they may be added to the Global Whitelist, allowing them to load. The following actions will resolve most instances of this behaviour:

  • Adding to the Global Whitelist to allow only Facebook's plugins to load (the rest of the facebook domain will not be unblocked).
  • Adding to the Global Whitelist to allow their advertising content to load on the websites in which it is used.