iView programs won't load through Getbusi

ABC's iView website, at the time of writing, has issues transmitting some data through authenticating proxies such as Getbusi. This usually presents itself in the form of individual programs, or videos, not playing when selected.

To work around this lack of compatibility the problematic hosts can be made exempt from requiring user authentication. In order to do this, each of the hosts must be added to your Direct Access list in System Properties.

Please note that if your Getbusi server uses an upstream parent proxy then this may not be a viable solution as Direct Access websites will also bypass parent proxies.

Please add the following hosts to your Direct Access list:

  • tviview.abc.net.au
  • cp53909.edgefcs.net

If these steps do not solve the issue please contact our support team directly using the details on getbusi.com