Google Safe Search and SSL

Since version 3.1 Getbusi has offered the filtering option Safe Google searching (Beta) to enforce strict safe searching, however, Google recently began defaulting web and image searching to use SSL encrypted requests.

Because these requests are now encrypted between the client and the web server, the Getbusi proxy can only see the hostname ( and not the URL path. Without access to the URL path the proxy cannot rewrite it in order to enforce safe searching.

Google have offered a workaround for this, by allowing organisations to add a local DNS record which will redirect all searches to an unencrypted version of the search engine.

Instructions for setting up this DNS record are available here.

It should be noted that this feature remains in beta because Google are in full control of their safe searching functionality and may make it incompatible in various ways without notifying anyone beforehand.

Additionally, Google notes that "no filter is perfect, and sometimes adult content shows up even with SafeSearch on. If you see a webpage that has adult content with SafeSearch turned on, report the offensive content. Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues regarding offensive material."

Windows Server DNS

Some versions of Windows DNS Server may not support the implementation exactly as described by Google's instructions. If you have any problems please contact our support team directly to discuss alternative options.