Your app brings you all the latest events, notices, tasks, info and alerts for your school. When the app launches you also see the marquee sign which gives you an up to date message from your school.

Tapping on any of the buttons takes you to all list of items, which can then be accessed from the list.

Unread items can be identified by the red indicator on the left of the list item.

Notices and tasks can have documents and web pages attached. Tap on the button to view.

The Alerts list contains reminders and new unread items. If the reminder is about an existing item eg. The School Fair event, the reminder will show a link to the original item.

App Settings

On the Help page there is a setting for item history. This sets the number of days for which items before today will be displayed. If it is set to 1, you will only see items from yesterday. This feature does not delete items, so if you need to access older items, you can change the value.